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Friday, December 30th, 2005
3:50 pm - Any objections to a little random posting by moi?

I have plans... eeeeeevil plans... but they are tIC related plans, so all good, ne? ^_~

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
9:19 pm - tIC bios, take 2

This past weekend I mentioned to mice and dandesun that I had found the old tIC bios saved on my computer when I was looking for some other stuff. They encouraged me to post it here, so... here it is. I'm the one who's put in the **'s, where I removed information that's for tIC (or personal use!) only.

And now onto the tIC bio showCollapse )

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9:11 pm - Putting it here, too

'cause, well, it's always best to cross-post as much as possible! And because now we have our own group. Mwa and Ha! Or something to that effect.

The Night Before [Insert Religious Holiday of Yer Choice] by tICCollapse )

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9:13 pm - This is all neonnurse's and dandesun's faults

They said we needed a community, so here it is. tIC'ers only can post, unless someone from the group asks me to approve a non-tICers request to join.

Better icons are begged for. Damnit, I'm an archivist, not an artist, Jim!

And I'm going to repost all the tIC stuff I put in my journal here because, well, because I can.

Oh, and if anyone wants to take a crack at improving the bio entry that I cribbed off of Dande, please do!

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10:10 pm

Hah!!! First post!!! Woo-hoo, go me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

See? I haven't changed a bit.

current mood: crazy

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